Enterprise: Add an Activity Template

Note: Activity Templates can be created at the Enterprise level to be used by organizations in your Enterprise when creating Activities.  These templates contain basic information, automation and visibility settings, qualifications and feedback fields. 

Step 1

  1. Go to Configuration, then click on “Activity Templates” found in the sidebar under Activities 
  1. Click the [+] button in the “Activity Template” header (or click the [+ New Activity Template] button) 
  1. Enter the Template name (200 characters maximum) 
  1. Select whether or not the template is “active” and usable by organizations in your enterprise 
  1. Optional: Enter a description for the template 
  1. Click [Next] 

Step 2

  1. Enter the Activity or Position name (maximum 50 characters) 
  1. Select the Activity Report Group  
  1. Select the Application Form where prospective applicants will be directed when viewing this activity 
  1. Check the box to Allow Hours Logging 
  1. Check the box to Allow Group Signup (this requires enabling “Group Scheduling” either at the enterprise or organization level) 
  1. Enter a Description that will include information about the activity to be seen by those applying (Pre-assigned); those assigned or scheduled (Post-assigned) and administrators only (Internal) 
  1. Select the schedule type (Recurring pattern, Disjointed, One Time, Seasonal, No Schedule). Individual account administrators will build the actual shifts for the activity when they use this template in their account. 
  1. Click [Next] 

Step 3

  1. Visible to: Select who can see your Activity (if they can see it, they can sign up for it): 
    • Only volunteers who are signed up, assigned or on the backup list 
    • Visible to all volunteers who are: check the desired status and qualifications (optional) of volunteers who will be able to see the Activity 
    • Public: All of your volunteers can see the Activity (it will also appear on your Activity List signup link to potential applicants) 
  1. Self-Scheduling: Automatically assign these volunteers when they sign up for the Activity/shift based on status and qualifications (optional) 
  1. Auto Lock: Prevents volunteers from signing up when an Activity/shift is full 
  1. Minimum Volunteers: Minimum number of people needed for the Activity/shift 
  1. Maximum Volunteers: Maximum number of people needed for the Activity/shift (triggers the auto-lock) 
  1. Allow volunteers to remove themselves: Indicate whether or not volunteers who have confirmed their assignment can withdraw from it 
  1. Cut-off signup: Indicate whether you want to prevent people from signing up for a shift within a specified number of hours before it begins 
  1. Click [Next] to move to the “Qualifications” header 

Step 4

  1. This tab displays any qualifications created at the enterprise level. Select the value required for each qualification associated with this activity. This may have an effect on the activity’s Visibility and Self-Scheduling settings. 
  1. Click the [Next] button to move to the “Feedback Fields” header. Check the box beside each feedback field associated with this activity. This tab displays any feedback fields created at the enterprise level. When hours are logged for the activity, volunteers will be asked the question posed in the “Display to volunteers as” column. 
  1. Click the [Next] button to move to the “Classifications” header. Select the desired classifications to associate with your activity. 
  1. Click the [Save] button 
Updated on March 30, 2021

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