Update My Contact Information

Did you move or get a new email address? Let us know!

Having this up to date all the time is really helpful. Thanks :)

  1. Log on to MyVolunteerPage.com (if you are not logged in already)
  2. Click on the MY PROFILE tab
  3. Click on the “Contact Information” section
    • Name Fields: your username and full name
    • Address: your postal address
    • Email Addresses: your primary and secondary email addresses
    • Mobile Email Address (Canada and USA only) Adding the email address that is associated with your mobile phone number will make it possible for your volunteer manager to send you text messages. Click here for more details on what you’ll need to enter.
    • Phone Numbers: your telephone numbers
    • Online Presence: your Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram information
    • Misc Fields: your birth date and region (language) selection
  4. Click the [Save] button to save your changes