Sign Up for Something

Your help is appreciated more than you can imagine :)

Signing up

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on the OPPORTUNITIES tab (NOTE: In organizations that are set up to take donations, this will be called the VOLUNTEER tab.)
  3. Select Opportunity List
  4. OPTIONAL: In the “Filter Activities” section, select the desired options to change what opportunities are displayed to you. For more detail, please see the next section, “Filters in the Opportunity List”.
  5. Click on the activity in the list that you want to to do:
    • If there are more than 20 shifts, you can filter to show  shifts for specific dates and start times
    • You will see the date, start time and end time for each shift of a scheduled activity. The “Overlap” column will indicate whether or not you are already assigned to another scheduled activity that overlaps with this shift. You can click on the [Overlap] button to see more information about the overlap.
      • NOTE: In some organizations, you might be warned if you are requesting shifts that overlap with each other and you may be prevented from requesting a shift that overlaps with one you are currently assigned to.
    • Your organization might have also enabled other features here. If you don’t see them, just skip to step 5:
      • “Openings”: shows you how many positions are currently open and the total number of volunteers needed for the shift (example: 2/5)
      • “Who”: enables you to see who else is assigned to the shift
  6. For each shift you would like, click the [+ Sign Up] button beside the desired date. If you wish to sign up for multiple shifts, you can check the box beside each one you would like and then click the [+ Signup for Selected] button below the list of shifts. If the activity is unscheduled or seasonal, click on the [+ Sign Up]
    • Shifts that are full or unavailable for signup will be displayed with the word “Full” beside them. In this case, if you are still interested in being assigned to the activity, you can click the [+ Add me to the back-up list in case you ever need extras] button at the top of the screen. (If necessary, you can return here to remove yourself from the back-up list.)
    • If the shift you’d like overlaps with something you are already assigned to, you can click on the [Overlap] button to see the details of the scheduled shift that overlaps with the one you are interested in. While you are warned of the overlap, you can still sign up for an overlapping shift.
  7. Depending on how the administrator set up the activity, you will either be assigned to it immediately or placed on a list of available candidates for the shift.


If your administrator has set you up as a Group Profile, you may also be able to indicate how many people will be coming when you sign up for an opportunity. If you need to change that number, you’ll need to withdraw your signup and sign up again, indicating the revised number of people that will be coming.

Filters in the Opportunity List

  • Only include activities that I am qualified for: whether or not you have the specific prerequisites needed for an activity
  • Only include activities that have openings available: activities with shifts that are not all full
  • Only include activities that allow groups to sign up: this option may be available if your profile has been set up as a group, enabling you to sign up for activities designated for groups of volunteers only
  • Generally Available: whether or not the activity’s dates and times match your general availability
  • Signed Up: whether or not you are signed up as available for a shift of the activity
  • Scheduled: whether or not you have been assigned to a shift of the activity
  • On the backup list: whether or not you are on the backup list for the activity
  • Organization: select the organization from the list, if you are a volunteer with multiple organizations (this option will not display if you are a volunteer with only one organization)
  • Sort: sort the activities in the tab by name or start date
  • Group by category: show the activities within their categories or display them as a list
  • Collapse categories by default: show only the category headings to start (you can then click on a category name to open it and show the available activities within that category)

You can make these your default filters for the next time you open the Opportunity List.