Sign Up for Something

Your help is appreciated more than you can imagine :)

Signing up

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on the OPPORTUNITIES tab (NOTE: In organizations that are set up to take donations, this will be called the VOLUNTEER tab.)
  3. Select Opportunity Calendar
  4. OPTIONAL: In the “Filter Activities” section, select the desired options to change what opportunities are displayed to you. For more detail, please see the next section, “Filters in the Opportunity Calendar”.
  5. Click on the shift that you want to to do. A window will appear with information about that shift.
    • Click the [+ Sign Up] button in the window.
    • Depending on how the administrator set up the activity, you will either be assigned to it immediately or placed on a list of available candidates for the shift.


    If your administrator has set you up as a Group Profile, you may also be able to indicate how many people will be coming when you sign up for an opportunity. If you need to change that number, you’ll need to withdraw your signup and sign up again, indicating the revised number of people that will be coming.

    Tips for using the calendar

    Populating the Calendar

    • The calendar will only show shifts for the current day and into the future
    • In the “Month” view, if there are less than two weeks remaining in the current month, the calendar will show to the end of the next month

    Getting More Information

    • Hover over a specific shift to get more information (hover over the symbol for a description):
      • A “no entry” sign will display for locked (full), cut off (closed) or blocked due to an overlapping assignment
      • A “checkmark” will display if you have signed up for the shift but have not been assigned to it
      • A “calendar” sign will display if you have been assigned to the shift
      • A “circle” will display if the shift is open and available for you to sign up
    • Hovering over the time of the shift will show the start and end times for the shift
    • Hovering over the day number will show the full date information
    • Hovering over the name of the activity will display its full name, including activity category

    Shift Information

    • When viewing the shift information, you can click on the [+ Sign Up] button to sign up for that shift or click on another button:
      • [Go to Activity Page]: a new window will open with the list of shifts for that activity
      • [More Like This]: a new window will open with a list of shifts similar to the one you are viewing
      • [Overlap]: if enabled, a window will open with details of the overlapping assignment
      • [Who Is Scheduled]: if enabled, a window will open with details of who else is assigned to the shift

    Filters in the Opportunity Calendar

    • Only include activities that I am qualified for: whether or not you have the specific prerequisites needed for an activity
    • Organization: select the organization from the list, if you are a volunteer with multiple organizations (this option will not display if you are a volunteer with only one organization)
    • Category: show only activities for the selected category (or select “Don’t Filter” to show activities from all categories)
    • Start Time: show only shifts that are “At or After”, “At or Before”, or “Between” the selected start time(s) (or select “Don’t Filter” to show all shifts)
    • Format: show shifts for the Month, Week, or Day.

    You can make these your default filters for the next time you open the Opportunity Calendar.