Log New Hours and Feedback

Good management decisions are much easier with this information

Steps to Record Your Hours

  1. Log on to MyVolunteerPage.com
  2. Click on the HOURS tab
  3. If you are a volunteer in multiple organizations, select the desired organization from the drop-down list and click the [Select Organization] button
  4. Select the activity for which you are logging hours by selecting it from the drop-down beside “Activity”. You can change which activities display in the drop-down by clicking on the desired button above the list:
    • Recent: your recent assignments
    • Active: active activities that are visible to you
    • Inactive: inactive activities that are visible to you
  5. Enter the date you worked in the field beside “Date Volunteered”
  6. Enter the number of hours and minutes worked
  7. Answer feedback questions associated with the activity (if there are any)
  8. Optional: check the box “Keep Feedback Fields Populated”
  9. Click the [Save] button to create the hours log entry or [Save and Log Another] if you want to create another hours log entry


If you are associated with any clients in the organization you volunteer with, you can still log hours against an activity by going to the LOGGING tab and selecting Hours.