Log New Hours and Feedback
on the Express Timeclock

Good management decisions are much easier with this information

Steps to Record Your Hours on the Express Timeclock

At the start of your shift:

  1. Log on to your organization’s express timeclock (if available):
    • Click the [Type a Username] button (if the username field is not displayed) and enter your volunteer username, then click the [Login] button
      • or
    • Click the [Scan Timeclock QR Code] button (if the webcam is not displayed) and display your QR Code to the webcam
  2. There may be news from your organization displayed. You can scroll down to read it or click the [Skip to Activities] button
  3. Click on the activity you are working
  4. Click the [Start Clock] button
  5. Click the [OK] button. Your hours are now being recorded

At the end of your shift:

  1. Log back on to your organization’s timeclock by entering your volunteer username or displaying your QR Code to the webcam
  2. There may be questions to answer about your shift
  3. Click on the [Stop Clock] button
  4. Click on the [Log Out] button.  If you are starting work on another shift, you can click on the [Start a new task] button instead.

Your hours have been recorded.