A member says that they completed the application but they don’t show up in my account. What do I do? 

The first step in filling in a registration form for a new member is to enter contact information. Once the member has done this, their profile is created. The second step involves filling in your personalized application form (Custom Fields). If the member enters incorrect data or does not enter required data, an error message will appear. If the member does not correct the error or navigates away from the signup page, the profile will still be created, but it will not be associated with your organization. In that case, you can resend the registration form link to the member, enabling them to sign up again re-using their username and password that was created in the first step. 

Why can I see a member in my database but when the member logs in, they can’t see anything about our organization? 

If you can still see the member’s name in a search, the likelihood is that the profile has been archived. This would still allow you to view the profile, but the member would be restricted from seeing anything related to your organization. 

If the account you are able to see is not Archived, the member may have more than one Better Impact account. Please verify the member is logging in with the exact same username you can see on their profile. 

A Member says his display isn’t right or can’t see any tabs or ”You do not belong to any organizations”. What’s going on? 

If they were once able to see the tabs and information for your organization, they may have been removed or archived. Conduct a People >> Search and unarchive them. If they do not appear in your search, generate the signup link for your organization and send that to the member, enabling them to re-join your organization (Logging in on the right, will let them re-use their existing username and password). 

If you are able to see their account and it is not Archived, the member may have more than one Better Impact account. Please verify the member is logging in with the exact same username you can see on their profile. 

Why do the username and password fields sometimes get filled in automatically? 

With various programs you use on your computer, you may want to have the username and password saved so that they are entered automatically when you visit a website. This is a feature that can be enabled in your browser. This functionality, however, is not advised on a public computer. 

Here is how to change your internet browser settings to ensure that usernames and passwords are never saved. 


1. Click on the Menu icon (the icon is 3 lines stacked on top of each other on the far-right side) 
2. Click Options (the icon is a “gear” symbol) 
3. Click Security (the icon is a “lock” symbol) 
4. On this page, under “Logins” make sure “Remember logins for sites” is NOT checked 
5. Click “Saved Logins” if there are any logins in the list and then remove them 


1. Click the Menu icon (the icon is 3 dots stacked on top of each other, on the far-right side) 
2. Click on Settings and type “password” in the search box 
3. Make sure “Offer to save your password” is NOT checked 
4. Click “Manage Passwords” 
5. Delete all the passwords in the “Saved Passwords” List by mousing over them, and clicking the X 

I cannot access the Member or User view.

If you cannot access the Member View (or User View), you’ll need to add yourself to that module by editing your administrative profile: 

  1. Go to the My Profile Menu (the green profile icon, or your profile picture, at the top right), then click “Edit My Profile” 
  1. Click on the “Miscellaneous” section in the “Main” tab of your profile 
  1. Select the “Member” tab 
  1. Select any Status (except for “Archived”) 
  1. Click the [Add to Module] button 

Note: Once the Module is added, it will take about 15 minutes for the change to take effect, and you may need to log out and log back in to use this feature. 

Why did I get sent back to the Login Page? 

If you see the message: “It looks like you got bumped back to the login, this can happen for a couple reasons. Check out this support article for more details.”, it means that you will have to log back in again.  This message would be displayed for one of the following three reasons: 

  1. Your session expired. This generally happens if you’ve been away from your screen for a while without logging out and then come back to it. Your session has expired and you will need to log in again. 
  1. You have logged into multiple accounts in the same browser. “Cookies” are shared across the whole internet browser you are using; not just a single tab or window. Therefore, if you log in in one tab, it overwrites your previous login. If you need to be logged in to multiple accounts at once, you will need to use different browsers. 
  1. You’ve tried to do something that you aren’t allowed to do. While this is a fairly rare case, it could occur if you are a Limited Administrator and the Main Administrator adjusts your permissions while you are already logged in. 

In the case of #1 and #2 above, you will have to log back in. Refreshing the page will bring you back to the login screen. In the case of #3, depending on what permission was changed, you will likely be able to carry on with other tasks in the software without having to log back in. 

Note: If you see this message, it is quite likely that whatever you were working on will not be saved. If you were composing an email, for example, we suggest that you copy it before refreshing the page, as what you were working on will be lost when you log back in. 

My Webpage is not loading properly. 

If it appears that your webpage did not load fully, it is very likely that there is an issue with your network blocking our content delivery network (CDN). This network is used to send images and style sheets for the Better Impact site. 

Here’s what your login screen might look like: 

Here’s what you can do: 

  • Go to the website: 
  • if you don’t see the Better Impact logo, contact your IT department and have them whitelist the domain: 
  • If you are not able to whitelist the CDN domain / IP address, you can perform a local host override for the CDN domain by pointing to 
Updated on January 9, 2021

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