Custom Fields Permissions and Display Options

Permissions Options: Select what the member can do with the Custom Field: 

  • Private: Only entered, modified and visible to an administrator 
  • Read only: Data entered only by an administrator; can be seen by the member but not edited 
  • Read/write with approval: Data entered by the member requires approval by an administrator 
  • Read/write without approval: Data entered by the member does not require approval 

Display Options: Where the Custom Field will be visible to members and administrators

  • The member’s profile page, and whether or not the field is required when a member edits their profile 
  • Application Form: The application form on which this Custom Field will appear and whether or not a value is required by those filling in an application 
  • Profile Dashboard: If selected, administrators will see the Custom Field on the dashboard section of the user’s profile.
Updated on May 9, 2024

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