Setting Your Custom Colors

  1. Go to: Configuration then click on “Theme” found in the sidebar under Branding 
  1. Click on the green [Info] button beside each section name to learn more about each of the settings 
  1. Click on the box for the setting you would like to change.  Colors can be selected from a palette or by entering the specific “HEX code” 
    • You can also click the green [Choose the color from your banner] button beside each option to display a window containing your banner image. By  
      • Click on an area in the banner, and the corresponding HEX code value will be displayed for that color 
      • Click [OK] to use the selected color 
  1. Preview your changes on the right side of the screen: 
    • – settings for the user portal 
  1. If you click the [Show All] button at the top left, settings you can change on all portals will be displayed in the left side 
  1. Scroll down and click the [Save] button. Only one theme can be saved, but it can be cleared, enabling you to revert (i.e. the [Clear] button) to the default settings used for 

IMPORTANT: If you clear your branding settings, you cannot retrieve them later. 

Updated on June 16, 2021

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