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New Feature: Email Templates can now be saved from the Send Email page by selecting File and then “Save as Template” in the email composition box. When saving a template through this method, files attached through the file manager will not be saved with it. Only Document Library file attachments will be saved along with the template.

Send Email to One Donor 

  1. Click the person icon at the top of the screen and type the person’s name into the Quick Search bar. 
  1. Click on the person’s name from the list that appears. 
  1. Click on the “Communications” tab 
  1. Click “Send Email” tab 
  1. Optional: Select “BCC to Contacts” if you wish to include someone who does not have a profile in Better Impact as a recipient. The contact will be added to this list for future use. 
  1. Optional: Select an Email Template to use, if you have created one 
  1. Enter the email Subject (maximum 200 characters) 

Tip: Click [+FN] or [+LN] to automatically include the first or last name of the recipient in the subject line. 

  1. Enter the Body of the message (text only, although you can use a variety of formatting options including tables and use the File Manager to insert images or links to files) 

Tip: If you want to include the first or last name of your recipient in the body of your email, go to “Insert” and select either “First name place holder” or “Last name place holder”. Alternatively, you can type in %%1 (first name) or %%2 (last name). 

  1. Optional: Add Attachments from your computer or from the Document Library, click the applicable [Browse] button
    • Individual email attachments can be up to 10 megabytes provided that the total size of all attachments does not exceed 10 megabytes for emails (and email templates). 

Note: If the attachment you want to use has not yet been added to the Document Library, you can add it from here by clicking the [+ Create New Document] button below the list of existing files. 

  1. Optional: Select the “Priority” and/or “Read Receipt” 

IMPORTANT: These features may not be available on all email providers used by your donors, so your recipients may not see a “priority” or a “read receipt”. 

  1. Optional: Check “Send me a copy of this message” to have a copy of the email sent to the address associated with your profile. You’ll then be presented with an option to “Include recipient list in my copy”. If you select this, a list of the recipients will appear at the bottom of that message you are copied on. The selection you make will be remembered the next time you return to send an email. 
  1. Select the desired Module(s) associated with this message. Only administrators of the selected modules will be able to see this email in the history.  
  1. Click the [Send Email] button 

Send Email to Multiple Donors 

  1. Go to Communicate, then click on “Send Email” found in the sidebar under Email 
  1. Search for the desired profiles:
    • You can enter up to 10 search criteria. Remember to set the Match Type to either “Include people who match ALL of the above” criteria or “Include people who match ANY of the above” criteria before running your search. 
  1. Compose the message (following the same steps as listed above) 
  1. Click the [Send Email] button
    • If the email is going to more than one person, a confirmation dialog will appear asking you to acknowledge that you are sure you want to send the email. 

IMPORTANT: Recipients will only see their email address, not the names/email addresses of other users who are included. 

Updated on February 15, 2024

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