Searching by Date of Birth

About this feature: The automated Birthday features are calculated from the birthdates provided in the Contact Information section of the profiles. The software will only be able to utilize information that has been entered into this field. 

  1. Go to any option that requires a search (i.e. Communicate >> Send Email; People >> Search, etc.) 
  2. Module and Status, Communication and Group Filters select status(es) and option(s) to include 
  3. Click the [Add Search Criteria] button 
  4. Search Type: Select “Date of Birth” from the dropdown menu 
  5. Date of Birth: Choose what you consider a match for your search from the dropdown menu 
    • Complete the date field(s), including month, day and year, if applicable to your menu selection 
      • You can either search by entering exact dates or by using dynamic dates
  6. Click the [Add] button to add additional options to your search, or click the [Add and Go] button to run your search 
Updated on June 28, 2021

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