Donor Dashboard

When you Edit or View a donor profile. The first thing you will see is the “Dashboard” (under the “Main” tab). It contains: 

  1. Telephone numbers (including preferred contact number / time) 
  1. Primary email address 
  1. Donations made this year along with lifetime donations 
  1. Most recent donation 
  1. Year the person first donated 
  1. Last login date 
  1. Birthday and anniversary alerts (if the donor’s birthday or anniversary occurred in the last week or in the next four weeks) 
  1. Donations (by month) shown in a bar chart 
  1. Donations (by Donation Program) shown in a pie chart 
  2. Custom Fields selected to display on the Profile Dashboard
    • Only for Donors with a status other than archived

There are also buttons to: 

  1. Send email (and mobile email, if available) 
  1. Send SMS (if enabled) 
  1. Log notes 

Updated on May 13, 2024

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