Quick Search/Navigation Bar

  1. Click one of the four possible icons in the Navigation Bar at the top of the admin screen: 
    • Person: To find a person/user using their first and/or last name 
      • Specific Field (optional): Select one of the following: 
        • Email: To find a person using their email address 
        • Phone Number: To find a person/user using their phone number 
        • ID: To find a person using their Better Impact Database User ID number. Please note: this search will include all statuses, including Archived. 
    • Page: To navigate to a page or specific feature within the admin interface 
    • Help: To search the knowledge bank of help articles (step-by-step instructions) 
    • Account: For admins of multiple organizations or enterprise accounts to switch between these accounts 
  1. Type the first few characters of the topic, account or person’s name you are searching for 
  1. Click on the options you are searching for to be taken to the related page 

Tip: When using the Specific Field Person searches, you can either select one of the three icons or type in the shortcut p: (for phone number), e: (for email address), or id: (for Database User ID), before proceeding with typing in the searchable information. 

Note: With the exception of the Specific Field – ID option, the Quick Search feature will not retrieve the names of profiles that have been archived.

Updated on October 3, 2022

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