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About this feature: You can collect information about the traffic on your public pages by integrating Google Analytics into your organization. You’ll need your own Google account with Google Analytics to use this feature. Your IT team can help you with this and you can provide them the information below to help them get started. 

Important: Google Analytics Universal Analytics (V3) is no longer supported. Google has provided Migration guides and all of the information that you need to upgrade to a GA4 analytics property in their Migration Guide

Setting up your Google Analytics 4 Tracking

  1. Create a Google account for your organization’s analytics, or login to your existing account at 
  1. If you don’t have any analytics setup on the account yet, you’ll see a welcome screen with a [Start Measuring] button 
  1. Click that button, then fill in the form that is present, and click [Next].  (For the account name, you can use your organization name, or something else memorable to distinguish this account from others you may manage) 
  1. Fill in the Property Setup form. The property Name helps distinguish the different things you might be tracking, for example a public page, vs your organization home page, vs an app that you might have developed and so on. Make sure to enter the correct country and time zone and click [Next] 
  1. Enter your business information and then click [Create]. This information helps Google provide some generic reports that may be relevant to your organization. None of this information is required  
  1. A dialog may come up asking you to agree to the Terms of Service. Make sure the correct country is selected, read the terms, and accept the policy if you want to carry on with setting up the analytics account  
  1. Congratulations, you now have a GA4 property set up. Continue the steps below to setup your data stream and begin tracking 

Using you Current Google Account Setup for Analytics

  1.  Click the Admin Settings Icon at the bottom left of your home page 
  1. In the Account section, you may select your existing account, or click the [+ Create Account] button
    • If you click the [+ Create Account] button, you will be brought to the same page as Step #2 of the Setting up your GA4 Tracking instructions above, to create the account.  Follow those steps till the end, and then pick up here again 
  1. Once you have selected an account, or created a new, you can choose an existing property, or click the [+ Create Property] button
    • If you choose to create a new property, you’ll be brought to the same screen as step #3 of the Setting up your GA4 Tracking instructions above, to create the property. Follow those steps and pick up here when done 
  1. Make sure the property you’ve created is selected, and then click the “Data Streams” option in the menu below the property name 
  1. Then click the [Web] button 
  1. Enter in the site, and give your stream a sensible name like “Donor Impact Site” or “Donor Public Page”. You can choose which enhanced measurements you would like to track or not track, and then click the [Create stream] button 
  1. This will then bring up your Web Stream details, including the stream name, url, id, and most importantly the MEASUREMENT ID 
  1. Copy that Measurement ID (you can use the copy icon beside it, or highlight the ID, right click, and select copy) and proceed with enabling Google Analytics in your Better Impact account 

Enable Google Analytics 

  1. Once you have set up Google Analytics, go to Configuration, then click on “Public Donor Page Settings” found in the sidebar under Recruitment 
  1. Scroll down to the “Configuration” section 
  1. Enter your tracking ID, generated during your Google Analytics setup 
  1. Click the [Save General Settings] button 
  1. You’re all set! To see your traffic analytics, click the Reports icon/option on the left-hand side of your Google Analytics home page. From here you can see real-time data, as well as track your engagements and page views and much more!

Note: Most report data will not be available instantly; analytics data takes about 24 hours to start showing in any of the areas other than the “Real-time” page. 

Using an Existing GA4 Property and Web Stream Setup

If you are already tracking your website traffic using an existing GA4 tag, you can update the domain names that the stream is associated with, to include and set your tracking-id in your admin portal to that same GA4 tag.  

  1. From your Google Analytics home page, click the Admin Icon 
  1. Select your account, property and stream 
  1. From the Web Stream Details scroll down to “Configure tag settings” and click it. 
  1. In the Settings box, click “Configure your domains” 
  1. Click “Add Condition” 
  1. Select “Begins with”, and enter 
  1. Click “Save” and you are all set! 
Updated on October 20, 2023

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