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About this feature: Customs Fields enable information to be associated with a profile (e.g. Donation Level, Industry, Company Website etc.). Files can also be uploaded to a profile using Custom Fields. 

  1. Go to: Configuration, then click on “Custom Fields” found in the sidebar under Profile Customization 
  2. Mouse over the green Options icon in the “Custom Field” bar and click on “+ New Custom Field” (or click the [+ New Custom Field] button at the bottom of the page) 
  3. Enter a Custom Field name (maximum 200 characters) 
  4. Select the Header for the Custom Field from the drop-down list 
  5. Modules: Select the module(s) that will need the Custom Field 
  6. Permissions: Select what the user can do with the Custom Field:
    • Private: Only entered, modified and visible to an administrator 
    • Read only: Data entered by an administrator; can be seen by the user but not edited 
    • Read/write with approval: Data entered by the user requires approval by an administrator 
    • Read/write without approval: Data entered by the user does not require approval 
  7. Display:
    • The user’s profile page, and whether or not the field is required when a user edits their profile. 
    • Application Form: The application form and whether or not a value is required by those filling in an application. 
    • Profile Dashboard: If selected, administrators will see the Custom Field on the dashboard section of the user’s profile.
  8. Type: Select the desired type of field to create. Please note: that you cannot change the type after you have saved the created field.
    • Yes/No: a choice of “Yes” or “No” 
    • Date: valid date values only 
    • Number: Valid numbers only with optional decimal place (no leading zero)
      • Please note: A “Number” field is recommended only for information you will perform mathematical calculations on. For telephone numbers, membership IDs, etc., please use “Short Text”. 
    • Short Text: up to 100 characters (a leading zero can be used) 
    • Long Text: Longer text or paragraphs 
    • Drop Down: a custom list of choices, displayed in alphabetical order 
    • Checkbox: a box that can be checked/unchecked 
    • File: a file can be uploaded 
  9. Optional: Enter a Description 
  10. Click the [Save] button 
Updated on May 9, 2024

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