Associate a Client to an Activity

Note: An activity can only be associated with one client, but a client can be associated with multiple Activities. 

  1. Go to Configuration, then click on “Manage Activities” found in the sidebar under Activities 
  1. Click the [+] button in the “Activities” header and click on “New Activity”, or 
    • Mouse over the Options icon to the left of an Activity to “Edit” a current listing 
  1. When you have created (or edited) all the relevant information, click on the “Client” tab 
  1. Enter a few letters of the first and/or last name of the Client you wish to associate with this Activity  
    • Optional: check to “include archived clients in search” 
  1. Click the [Search] button 
  1. Select the desired client by clicking the round box to the left of the name  
    • If you want to know more about the client, you can select “View” from the Options icon beside the client’s name 
  1. Click the [Save] button 

IMPORTANT: In order to complete the steps above, a “Limited Administrator” needs access to the option “Associate Clients with Activities”. Administrators with access to both the volunteer and client module can ‘View/Create/Remove’ associations. Administrators without access to the client module can only view whether or not there is an association (no client name will be displayed). 

Updated on March 29, 2022

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